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Good News! It's Payback Time!

Historically, the average consumer has been ignored in the booming alternate energy revolution. Typically, municipal and commercial fleets have been

primary targets for CNG conversions. Likewise, the few remaining government incentives apply mainly to large enterprises. Worse, if you want to buy a new CNG-ready car from a manufacturer you will pay a $9,000 premium over the price of the same gas-powered vehicle. This means that your return on investment, or Payback Time, is 16 years or more (the time it takes to recoup your initial investment based upon fuel cost savings)! Really? Manufacturers want you to wait 16 years before you actually begin saving on fuel costs? This is the simple reason why auto dealers are not selling CNG-ready vehicles - there is no cost/benefit.

Hold on! It's Payback Time! AFS brings affordable CNG conversions to the masses. If you own a gas-powered vehicle age 2+ years we can convert it to CNG power and you can expect a Payback Time of about 2 years! That's right. For about the cost of a high-end audio system you can invest in your vehicle and have it PAY YOU BACK in fuel cost savings.

How is it done? Our CNG conversion kits are non-intrusive overlays to your present gas-powered fuel system. The CNG kit has no effect on your

manufacturer's warranty, EPA standards or safety standards. In fact, it is a Bi-Fuel system that allows you to switch from gasoline to CNG with the push of a dashboard switch. Simple.

It's easy & it's now. Bring your vehicle to our CNG conversion station, in by 8am out by 5pm, and begin saving cash on your next fill-up.  You're busy right now? We'll pick-up your car & call you when it's ready.

The more you spend on fueling your vehicle, due to high mileage use or low MPG efficiency, the faster your Payback Time and more you $AVE. 

Best candidates for CNG conversion:

  • Commuters
  • High-mileage drivers
  • Older, gas guzzler vehicles
  • Anyone who wants to $AVE fuel cost
  • Responsible citizens who want to power their vehicles on home-grown energy in a clean manner

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